LT Bios 2017/18

Classes are over and the end is in sight! Take a quick study break to read a handful of fun bios from your 2017/18 Leadership Team (LT). Thanks for joining us this year at SustainSU!

Jasmine Farahbakhsh


Role: SustainSU Program Lead
Sustainability tip:
Always be prepared with a set of reusable cutlery and a container to reduce waste!
A favorite project this year:
The posters for Advocacy’s Ditch the Disposables campaign were great! We received numerous compliments on them from students and staff across campus.

Jin Seo Kim


Role: Social media team co-lead
Sustainability tip: Make sure to unplug any electronics and appliances you aren’t using! They’re still consuming energy, so unplugging them will save you money and help reduce your energy consumption 🙂
Fave event: One of my favourite events for Sustain SU has been the Sustain X Symposium. Great speakers, an amazing view, and incredible food!

Tammy Nguyen


Role: Social media team co-lead
Sustainability tip: Bring your own mugs or tumblers to coffee shops to limit the use of paper cups!
Fave event: SustainX Symposium




Casandra Tse

Role: Internal Engagement team leader
Sustainability tip:
This is less of a tip but more of a goal for myself – Don’t buy anything (clothes) just because it’s on sale.
Fave memory:
Engaging discussions with my Community Hour groups!

Tina Lam


Role: Reusable Dish Program team leader
Sustainability tip:
Reduce your waste at the store! I find that too often we think about sorting our waste when we finish using what we have and this can be a lot more wasteful than it should be. Doing things like buying in bulk, using cloth bags to store your loose fruits/vegetables, and buying local/thrifting can really make a difference to the amount of waste you produce! 
Fave memory:
I recently started volunteering with Sustain SU this past semester, so my favourite part of this journey is meeting new people and volunteers. Everyone here has so many different ideas and backgrounds and it’s really fun to learn about different perspectives!

Farah Khalid

Role: Research team co-lead
Sustainability tip:
Everything in life could be sustainable in one way or another, so make sure to look for sustainable ways of living because the more sustainable you are, the longer you and the next generations will live on an Earth that is filled with beautiful and clean nature.
Fave memory:
I can’t possible choose; every moment with the team has been interesting and memorable.

Blaire Koswin


Role: Farmer’s Market team co-leader
Sustainability tip:
BYOB: Bring Your Own Bag
Fave memory:
Talking to the vendors at the Farmers’ Market on Thursday.




Baoli Feng

Role: Farmer’s Market team co-leader
Sustainability tip: Turn off lights you’re not using!
Fave event: The Farmer’s Market.

Daphny Budaz


Role: Blog team co-lead
Sustainability tip:
Use cold water when doing your laundry to save up to 90% of the energy used when doing laundry with hot water.
Fave memory: 
When first meeting our blog team, we had a meeting in Winspear Business Library. I really enjoyed talking about our plans for the year while eating fruits, vegan brownies, and, occasionally making awkward eye contact with business students walking by.

Freya Hammond-Thrasher


Role: Blog team co-lead
Sustainability tip:
Use old veggies & cuttings in soup for a tasty broth!
Fave memory:
I loved collaborating with Blog Team, SustainX, and Community Hour volunteers to write group posts. Blog team was small this year but I couldn’t have asked for a better group, Julia and Daphny!


This is not an exhaustive list of this year’s LTs, so a big thanks to the rest of the team! Congratulations and thanks to all the SustainSU volunteers who helped make this year a reality!

See you next year!
Blog Team
Freya, Daphny, Julia





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