15 Memes for Sustainable Dreams/Schemes

Time is a precious commodity for us, especially this close to exams. While most know the importance of maintaining sleep schedules, eating well, and practicing general self care, we still struggle to find the time for it all. It can be hard to make time for yourself and your sustainability passions while juggling everything academia throws at you. I can’t force you to take care of yourself better or buy more succulents, but what I can do is prescribe a healthy dose of memes, and hope they sustain you in these trying times ;).

1) I’m a high-functioning adult I swear.
Memes 1
I just wanted to put this here because it’s disturbingly accurate. Nothing says “I’m a hot mess” quite like my lack of time management skills. But it was all worth it, below are 15 reasons why.

2) We’ve all either dreamed of this before or are in denial.
Memes 2
Nunavut char FTW. Or sardines if you wanna save time.

3) You go pup. Flex on them haters.
Memes 3
If this pupper can look like a snack without the aid of fast fashion then So. Can. You.

4) It’s important to celebrate the little things.
Memes 4
If you’re a morning zombie like me and forget to do this, just tape a picture of good ol’ Arny to your bathroom mirror. If you already do this, click here for a reward.

5) Gotta ask the important questions.
Memes 5
Seriously though. Consider this the next time you’re looking for a sustainable relationship.

6) Good ol’ Arny being a beacon of hope.
Memes 6
Think of all the money you’ll save on plastic bags! More for your next caffeine fix. Or coco fix. Or donut fix. Honestly, you do you, boo.

7) Join us!
Memes 7
We’re low-commitment and full of nice people with impeccable senses of humour. This post is proof.

Memes 8

9) Sean Bean gives me life. Ironic, considering 90% of his movie roles.
Memes 9
Use this analogy at your next strained Thanksgiving dinner. Live your chaotic good dream.

10) WHOA.
Memes 10
Biodegradable dinos, anyone? I’ll crowdfund that. 

11) ‘Tis the dawn of a new era.
Memes 11
Sharing this might really blow people away. Assert your intellectual dominance. 

12) Practice what you preach.
Memes 12
This is actually a serious problem we have only just begun to look at. If you aren’t sure how to broach the subject with your favourite graduate buddy or PI, this meme is a fun way to start.

13) Just sayin’.
Memes 13
*sips tea*

14) Like a total boss.
Memes 14
For such an elementary concept you’d be surprised how rare this is. But people like you can change that. Because people like you are awesome.

15) Judging by the hole in the satellite picture.
Memes 15
how about yours?
You are at the end now and I hope you weren’t bored.

Urbah Syed
Sustain SU Ambassador

Meme of Sustainability
Futerra Sustainability Communications
The Good Shopping Guide
The Good Shopping Guide


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