Water Week: An Introduction to the World’s Water Crisis and Putting a Price on Water


Water is an essential resource to all life on Earth. However, access to and sustainable use of this resource is becoming a pressing issue as human populations increase and climate change shifts weather patterns. This week we are publishing collaborative blog posts focusing on different aspects of the world’s water crisis. We will start with … Continue reading Water Week: An Introduction to the World’s Water Crisis and Putting a Price on Water

The 4 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Restaurant!

Hello everyone! Today, we talked to Salar Melli, the Chef and co-owner of Vintage Fork. The restaurant is located in the historical Rutherford House, right on U of A’s campus. Open Tuesday to Sunday, they offer breakfast and lunch on weekdays, brunch and afternoon tea on weekends, and a selection of pastries, coffees, and teas … Continue reading The 4 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Restaurant!

15 Memes for Sustainable Dreams/Schemes

Time is a precious commodity for us, especially this close to exams. While most know the importance of maintaining sleep schedules, eating well, and practicing general self care, we still struggle to find the time for it all. It can be hard to make time for yourself and your sustainability passions while juggling everything academia … Continue reading 15 Memes for Sustainable Dreams/Schemes

Sustainability in Academics: A Short Review

Hello, SustainSU! For our last community hour of the semester, we decided to talk about sustainability in academics. The conversation ended up focusing on the Certificate in Sustainability (for undergrads) and the Sustainability Scholars program (for grad students). After discussing the requirements and intents of each program, we decided that both are worthwhile to look … Continue reading Sustainability in Academics: A Short Review

3 Ideas for Sustainable Skateboarding

I was 13 when I got into skateboarding. My mom had accidentally showed me a video of professional skateboarder Jamie Tancowny hurling himself down a set of stairs, landing on his back, and unleashing a load of cuss words. While my mother was still shocked from defiling my young ears, I got hooked on skateboarding  … Continue reading 3 Ideas for Sustainable Skateboarding

Mason Bees: Our Native Bees!

Most people think of honey bees when someone says ‘bees’; the characteristic black and yellow striped bug. Mason bees are equally and perhaps even more important than honey bees as pollinators in our environment! Fun fact: you can distinguish male mason bees because they have “beards”! Mason bees are ground nesting bees native to North … Continue reading Mason Bees: Our Native Bees!

See Green & Be Green

Baby, it's cold outside. And do I have to mention how gray, gloomy and drab most days can be during the winter?? At a young age, I had a passion and fascination for all types of plants that vary from ferns, flowers, and succulents. I loved studying their properties and learning about their unique characteristics. … Continue reading See Green & Be Green

Looking on the Bright Side of Environmental News!

All over the world, there are stories of people making a difference in their communities, big or small, to combat climate change. These success stories are so often overshadowed by darker reports of disasters and ahem, crappy political administrations, which can leave you despairing of the future. So, here are 5 positive, recent news stories … Continue reading Looking on the Bright Side of Environmental News!

Water Week: Daily Water Use Habits You Can Change

Did you know we are living in a water crisis? Have you ever thought about the water streaming from your tap and the impact it carries? Most of the Western world is unaware of the implications of our water use; living oblivious to the knowledge that water is a limited resource. Only 1% of the … Continue reading Water Week: Daily Water Use Habits You Can Change