Blog Team

Raisa Salmin Purba
Co-leader, Outreach and Blog Team

Raisa is in her fourth year of Environmental and Conservation Sciences, majoring in Human Dimensions of Environmental Management. She is interested in sustainability and sustainable development in the global context, and wants to pursue international development after her undergrad. Raisa loves reading fiction and poetry, discovering underground music, trying her hand at poetry and music, and failing at both. She is also a big fan of taking long walks, whether that’s in the rain or at 3 am. Her favourite food (and biggest vice) is dark chocolate. 

Melody (Meng) Wang
she/her, Co-leader, Outreach and Blog Team

Melody (Meng) is in her first year of PharmD program.  She has been volunteering with the sustainability SU since 2019. Melody loves promoting and learning about sustainability resources, energy, and clean water. In fact, her undergraduate thesis project is on the characterization of particles emitted from solid fuel burning. Studying in a pharmacy program, she wonders if there are ways to cut down on the disposable plastic vial waste in the pharmacy while maintaining the sterility, efficacy, and safety features of the medication.

Jazlynn Steinbach



Jazlynn is in her fourth year of a BA in Drama and Psychology. She wants to inspire others to be more sustainable, one step at a time. Her biggest goal in Sustain SU is to show others that being more sustainable is easier than they think, and that it’s all about the little actions they can take on a daily basis. When she’s not working, you can find Jazlynn painting, drawing, practicing yoga or listening to music on walks.

Megan Jones (she/her)
Co-leader, Outreach and Blog Team

Megan is a fourth-year student pursuing a major in Nutrition and Food Science, a minor in Nutrition Communication and Education and a certificate in Sustainability! With all those words, she aspires to help the world find sustainable food solutions for the growing population and for consumers and restaurants looking to reduce their ecological footprints; starting here on the Sustain SU blog team. Most often, you can find Megan obsessing over local vegan eats (please go eat at Moth Café, you won’t regret it), hiking and masterminding ways to spend more time on the west coast (the best coast, for those who are asking).

Janelle Lentz


Janelle is a second year student in the criminology program. She’s interested in the interdisciplinary aspects of environmentalism, such as how human rights and sustainability coincide (think climate refugees). In the future, she plans on merging academia with advocacy by using her degree to help improve the criminal justice system and subsequent reintegration systems. In the meantime, she can be found procrastinating with her current hyperfixation of the month – Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and sculpting.

Ashley Abrahart (she/her)
Co-leader, Outreach and Blog Team

Ashley is a third year honours psychology student working towards a BSc. She has always had an interest in applying sustainable initiatives to her daily life and is excited to be able to contribute her ideas to Sustain SU. She believes that education regarding sustainable practices is essential to spreading awareness surrounding the three pillars of sustainability; especially in research, sustainability in both materials and ideas is key to continuing to advance humanity’s understanding of the world! Most often you can find her dancing, reading, volunteering or trying to get rats to cooperate in the stroke lab she works for :).

Tahmid Al Hafiz


Author Bio TA Hafiz

Hafiz is a 2nd year undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering. He is known to be a strong advocate for nature and wildlife conservation. His aim is to promote widespread implementation of sustainable design and eco-friendly engineering methods on a global scale. Aside from being an overworked (!) Engineering student — Hafiz is also a passionate soccer fanatic, and an avid supporter of the London-based football club Arsenal. He earnestly enjoys exploring the wilderness of mother earth while framing precious moments with his long-time trusty sidekick: the Nikon D500, whenever possible!

Nicole Cari


Nicole is in her fourth year working on a BSc. with specialization in Cell Biology. She believes that sustainability can be made approachable and hopes that her time with Sustain SU will help in achieving that. She loves applying the new things she learns about reducing ecological footprints in her daily life and is interested in passing along that information whenever she can. When she’s not in the lab hunched over a microscope, you’ll find Nicole spending time with her loved ones, exploring the outdoors, or curled up in bed watching some kind of workplace TV show or horror movie.