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The SustainSU Blog was created in 2017 as a platform to promote engagement between the various teams within SustainSU. Since then, it has evolved to include its own separate writing team, provide general outreach to University of Alberta Students, and as a way for Sustain Volunteers to publish their own thoughts and experiences regarding sustainability.

What is SustainSU?

SustainSU is a student-led service of the University of Alberta Students’ Union (SU) that promotes sustainability on campus. Running since 2003, SustainSU currently has nine main initiatives for the community; The Bike Library/Workshop, Farmers’ Market, Reusable Dish Program, Campus Gardens, Electronics Recycling, Sustain X, Rethink, Advocacy, and Research.

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SustainSU believes in three sustainability pillars; Economic, Social, and Environmental. Together, they guide the content and services that the organization aims to bring to students.

What does the blog cover?

The blog covers a wide range of sustainability-related topics; from personal lifestyle, to climate change, and even delicious food. Also discussed is the aforementioned campus initiatives, in hopes to provide knowledge and celebrate the helpful services they provide.


Two posts are published on Tuesday and Thursday of every week, so be sure to check in then and not miss a beat! Or, if you really enjoy the blog, you can subscribe to our mailing list and have sustainable love delivered right to your email.


SustainSU sounds neat. How do I get involved? Where can I find out more?

We’re glad you asked!

SustainSU takes applications for volunteers beginning at the start of the Fall (September) and Winter (January) semesters. You can volunteer for any of the initiatives, and only need to dedicate about 5 hours of your precious time per month. To find out more about volunteering, check out here.

For general information regarding SustainSU and their initiatives, this is where you want to be.

If you’re a Sustain Ambassador and are looking to submit some content to the blog, check out our contact page!