Get Thrifty with SustainX

On Thursday October 19th, Sustain X hosted a Pop-Up Thrift Shop: a clothing swap/thrift shop combo. Students and staff from all around the campus donated clothing. Those who donated had the option to exchange for another item in the shop. Others could buy the clothing at a cheap rate.

We partnered with Net Impact and Good Will for this event and would like to give our thanks again for their help. It wouldn’t have been a success without them. The profits and the remaining clothing from the thrift shop were donated to Good Will.

Blog gal Freya models her new (thrifted) shirt

Sustain X looks forward to running this event again and getting even more of the community involved! We hope to continue to encourage students and staff on campus to find alternative, more sustainable ways to deal with their clothing with the Pop Up Thrift Shop!

By Tina Trieu



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