A Day at the Farmers’ Market

It was a crisp fall afternoon and sunlight was flooding through the windows as we headed through SUB to the Farmers’ Market. SUB was clearly home to many students plagued by midterms that day, as most of the market’s desserts had sold out by the time we arrived.

The University of Alberta’s Farmers’ Market (UAFM) was established in 2012 by the former Sustainable Food Initiative. What began as a small bi-weekly event is now a large exhibition of local vendors who served over 10, 500 customers last year. The Farmers’ Market now runs every Thursday in SUB from 10am-2pm.

To celebrate a great six years of collaboration between vendors, students, and the SU, we interviewed a handful of the businesses on their products, practices, and vision for sustainability. Stop by these vendors next time to say hello!


Deena from Serendipity Body Products


Deena’s soaps, lotions and body scrubs are all about health and nature. Deena makes a point of buying local ingredients (especially Edmonton beeswax!), using minimal packaging, and shipping her products in recycled boxes. Why choose Deena’s product? “It works, its natural, and its not expensive!”


Jacqueline from Just Simply Eclectic


It’s Jacqueline’s first year with the SUB Market, and she’s glad the time and location fit with her schedule. Jacqueline turned her hobby of recycling and re-crafting antique objects from around the globe into a business that helps relieve the stress of her work as a nurse. This particular pendant is made from a Canadian spoon made in 1885. For Jacqueline, it’s all about “reduce, reuse, recycle.”


Kristen from Transcend


Transcend’s business model promotes their unique vision of sustainability. Instead of offering “Fair Trade” products (a certification process, Kirsten explains, that small farms often cannot afford), Transcend promotes “direct trade.” Each year, they visit and negotiate fair wages with their farmers. Kirsten recommends Transcend’s pumpkin spice latte, made from real pumpkin, spices, and housemade vanilla extract.


Silvia and Claudio from Camola


Starting at the Farmers’ Market this year, this current and former University of Alberta student duo are bringing something new to the market. Camola sells baked goods with a special ingredient: cricket flour! Crickets are a valuable source of protein, containing nearly four times more protein per portion compared to beef. If that hasn’t convinced you to give this sustainable bakery a try,  Claudio says, “crickets taste great, they’re environmentally friendly; so there’s no reason not to eat them.”


Ashley from Dandy Lion Handmade Confections


After three years of bringing around her homemade confections, Ashley still truly enjoys her time at the Farmers’ Market. Dandy Lion emphasizes sustainability through their homemade model, and even keeps food packaging to a minimum. For first-timers, Ashley recommends the pumpkin pie macaron: “It’s my favourite one ever!” And, to keep you coming back for more, she even offers a discount if you bring back a box to get refilled.


Virna and Juan from Chilean Corner


At the Chilean Corner, people get to have “a true South American experience.” Virna and Juan are hard at work being both the owners and bakers for their business, using only “the best ingredients.” Pointing to the empty dessert display, Virna recommended we come back early next Thursday. Though all their products– sweet and savoury– are tasty, Virna especially loves the Chilean “special dish,” Pastel de Choclo.

By Daphny Budaz, Freya H-T, and Destyni deLuca
The leaders of SustainSU’s Blog Team


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