Top Five Blog Posts of 2018

This month marks the second anniversary of the SustainSU blog. Started in 2017 as an online network to connect SustainSU’s 13 projects, the blog is now an archive of the amazing people, ideas, and projects that lead sustainability at the University of Alberta and beyond.

With that in mind, here is a countdown of the 5 most-read articles of 2018:

#5: Bleeding Sustainably 

“As a person born with a female body: I menstruate. There, I said it.”

SustainSU blogger Ash breaks down the environmental impact of feminine hygiene products, and recommends 4 easy-to-use alternatives to help the environment, your health, and your wallet!

Bleeding Sustainabily.jpg

#4: Edmonton Recycling: What’s Up?

“It was just another day, another SustainSU Blog meeting. Freya, Julia, and I happily shared our exciting stories of the day. All was fun and games until Julia shared the latest updates about what was really happening with Edmonton’s recycling…”

SustainSU blogger Daphny reviews an article called “That’s the dumps: Edmonton failing at diverting waste from landfill, audit finds” written by Elise Stolte to bust some myths about Edmonton’s recycling program and recommend ways we can take action to better manage our waste.

Edmonton Waste.jpeg

#3: Plastic-Free Food Shopping

“Coming from Germany, a country that has a different (and in my opinion, better) waste disposal than Canada, and is a world leader in renewable energy, I was shocked by the amount of plastic people consume here in North America.”

SustainSU volunteer Johanna gives us nifty tips and tricks for how to shop plastic-free at Bulk Barn, from weighing your jars to organizing your produce.

Plastic-Free Shopping.jpeg

#2: Minimize Me: First Act

“I was a hoarder, then a hoarding shopaholic once I got a job…I lost track of what I had and did not have; sometimes I brought something home, only to realize that I already had it! It was getting RIDICULOUS; I felt like stuff owned me!”

SustainSU blogger Julia shares the trials and tribulations of minimalism. Recommending inspiring minimalist and “slow fashion” YouTubers, Julia describes how she and her s/o got started on minimizing their home.

Minimize Me

#1: The BEST Water Fountain on Campus

“We all know that feeling: you turn the rusty handle, lean in, and take a sip of warm, lead-flavored water from a fountain in the Tory building. Glancing down as you gather the courage to swallow, you notice a single instant noodle nestled in the drain…”

SustainSU blogger Freya makes sure SustainSU bloggers never have to experience the horrors of a rusty water fountain. Mixing ridiculous interviews with pure science, interviewees decide on the best water fountain on campus, supplemented by an environmental review of the new bottle-filling fountains.

BEST Water Fountain.jpg

What articles do you want to see in 2019/20? Leave us a comment below or submit your own piece to the SustainSU blog here.

Freya H-T

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