Campus Coffee Guide *Winter Holiday Edition*

Coffee and Diabetes - Benefits of Coffee & Effect on Blood Sugar

Find your new favourite café with this map link:

When visiting cafés, make sure you are up to date as to where to dispose of your cup and packaging. City of Edmonton waste management tells us that coffee cups and lids must go into the garbage to the landfill and cardboard sleeves belong in the recycle. A few exceptions occur on campus, including the Daily Grind’s 100% compostable cup and lid. Municipally, ‘compostable’ plastic-like articles are not accepted to compost but on campus, items like this belong in the organics bin. However, the best step to reduce our waste is using reusable options where accepted! Now, on to the coffee…

*Note: this information is to the best of my knowledge, according to company websites, municipal waste management and personal experience. If you have additional information know any different, please share!

A useful tool for managing our waste is the City of Edmonton’s Waste Wise App:

Sources and Additional Information:


Image Link:

Daily Grind:


Tea & Coffee Company:

Tim Hortons:

Image Link:


ACE Coffee:


Kaffa Roaster & Studio:

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