Sustainability Challenge

Every choice that we make in our lives affect the environment as a whole. It doesn’t necessarily require us to live without our everyday luxuries but we must be aware of our resource consumption in order to reduce the unnecessary waste. How do we create change as ordinary citizens?

Well, even the biggest movements originated from small actions and so there’s a checklist attached below that anyone can follow. Take this entire month and see how many things you can check off in the list. Do this to gain awareness on how your minimal actions can cause an impact. It’s a challenge! You have till the end of November to try to complete all the things in the list. The purpose is to try to incorporate some of these things into your daily lives even after the completion of this challenge.

Tip: Make it more engaging by sharing it with your friends and family to see who can get a higher score.

URL from the checklist:

Written by: Aswitha Saravanakumar

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