A Sustainably Friendly Halloween

Halloween is tomorrow, so who’s worried about last-minute Halloween costumes?

It can cost a lot of money to buy them from Halloween stores or online, and they usually can only be worn on the night of Halloween. So why don’t we make it by hand? This can not only help us save a sum of money, but also make Halloween more green and environmentally friendly. So instead let’s have something different, that is, reusing some items and turning them into our favourite Halloween crafts. 

For our inspiration: in some kindergartens in Taiwan, parents and children work together to use waste items to turn into decor and costumes for Halloween this year, such as shopping bags and wrapping paper. The kids picked some cartoon stickers that they usually like, such as dinosaur or Mickey Mouse stickers. These exquisite packaging bags are matched with children’s stickers, and after, they are careful cut by parents. Eventually they become beautiful Halloween dresses for children. What about another costume? Some families have the habit of collecting cartons; parents make the cardboard boxes they collected into paper dinosaurs and Batman Halloween hats!

They turned these discarded objects into something more meaningful. At the same time, parents also popularized the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development to children in this Halloween event, which is very meaningful for children. Because the parents and children not only had an unforgettable and interesting Halloween, but also let the children understand the importance of environmental protection and sustainable development, and pass these concepts to more people, so that more people in the society can participate.

The kindergarten teachers also organize a Halloween fashion show in order to encourage the children to reuse waste materials. Children can put on the environmentally friendly “Tabard” handmade by them and their parents, and step onto the stage to become the most dazzling Halloween elf!

This year’s Halloween, take your inspiration from these practices and make your own Halloween decor!

Go to your desk or storage room and look around; you can definitely find a lot of paper that you didn’t need before. Don’t waste it, because we can recycle and reuse these resources. Decorate these papers to your heart’s content and make them the most unique props for your Halloween this year. For example, you can use orange paper to fold an eye-catching pumpkin mask (seen above).

These hand-made DIY Halloween items are an even more meaningful thing considering the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. During this time, people may have lost their jobs and face larger financial struggles. More so, many areas of the world have experienced natural disasters that have not been seen before, such as heavy rains, typhoons and mudslides, as a result of climate change. Therefore, handmade Halloween items can not only help people enjoy a collective experience in the face of hardships, but also can reduce some financial burdens for some families!

Hopefully these ideas can inspire you to create some spooky decorations or costumes of your own!

Happy Halloween from the Sustain SU Blog Team!

Written By Mengjiao Zhao

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