Top Five Ways to be Sustainable During Christmas

Christmas is one of the happiest times of the year! But, let’s also consider making it one of the greenest times of the year. Through just a few simple tricks, everyone can cut down on their Christmas carbon footprint. While there are a variety of ways in which to cut down on your carbon footprint, here are just five ideas to get you started!

1. Avoid the Sales Frenzy and Make Your Own Presents

Instead of buying numerous expensive presents, consider cutting down the amount of presents that you give to your loved ones this year. Focus on the quality of the presents compared to the quantity of presents. As well, if you can make something instead of buying something, that is a great sustainable alternative!

2. Get Creative With Your Wrapping Paper
Every year, thousands of pounds wrapping paper is thrown away. Most of that wrapping paper is coated with a plastic covering that is non-recyclable. Consider using newspaper or brown paper wrapping tied close with a string instead of more commercial wrapping paper. You can also add natural decorations by tying some flowers or some homemade sweets to the string! As well, you can get creative and draw designs or patterns on the paper!

3. Reduce Food Waste

Although Christmas is known as an eating holiday, it is also wise to ensure that all the food provided for our eating does not go to waste. This Christmas, you could consider buying food that has less packaging as well as planning recipes for the leftovers that will inevitably happen. If you can’t eat it or make it into leftovers, you can also freeze your food for a convenient Christmas lunch at a later time!

4. Consider Sending E-cards
Cards are another item where thousands of them end up in the trash every year. This year, consider making your own card or even sending an E-card to everyone who you’d like to send well-wishes to! E-cards save money and cut your carbon footprint! Where is the downside to that?

5. Share Transport

Christmas is definitely a time for traveling, especially to see various family members and close family friends. This year, when traveling to see loved ones, consider planning a carpool or even using public transport!

Courtney Graham
Sustain SU Ambassador

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