The Tree Hugger’s Guide to Sustainable Consumption in Edmonton

If you have stumbled upon this post, you are either procrastinating studying for your exams or you are really trying to make a difference in your consumption choices, despite living in a mass-consumerist society that rewards your constant need to shop for material things. Or you fall under both of those categories (like me). It is not always easy to make ethical shopping choices, whether that is for your everyday groceries or mandatory Christmas gift shopping. Here are a few places you can try that will make you feel better about your consumerist conditioning.

person in black sleeveless dress covered by paper bag

Poppy Barley

Poppy Barley is a Canadian luxury brand that makes ethical footwear and other accessories. Founded by sisters Justine and Kendall Barber in 2012, Poppy Barley has partnered with family-owned, leather shoe factories in Mexico and Brazil that prioritize their people. It is a B Corporation, meeting the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. Poppy Barley donates 1% of its sales back to other similar organizations and causes, and has a shoe recycling program  where they properly recycle worn out leather shoes.

New Classics Studios

New Classics Studios in an e-retailer that has curated some of the best sustainable and ethical labels from around the world that do not compromise on aesthetics. As big proponents of the Slow Fashion Movement, New Classics Studios strive to benefit sustainable fashion creators and designers by giving them this platform and carrying their products. The labels carry a big range of products like clothing, accessories, shoes and beauty products. 

Green Munch is an online eco store that carries green and sustainable products. All of the products are made in North America by a variety of brands, many of whom have been started by young, passionate and innovative entrepreneurs. They carry a broad range of products including wooden dinnerware, reusable straws, compostable poop bags (for your dogs, unless you decide to use it differently) cute bitty bags, washi tapes, and many more!

Code of Ethical Behavior shop front


Anaahat is an eco-friendly, Edmonton based clothing store whose name is the Sanskrit word for “heart center”. Anaahat carries leggings made from recycled water bottles and tops/dresses made from bamboo, as well as scarves, sports bras, bedding and cute jewellery. The store was founded by Pooja, a trained yoga instructor and environmental engineer, whose desire to incorporate spirituality with the environment led her to establish Anaahat. 

Carbon Environmental Boutique

Carbon Environmental is an award-winner of  the City of Edmonton’s Eco Challenge for a small business reducing environmental impacts and was also the first runner-up in Vue Weekly’s Best Sustainable and Best Gift Store in Edmonton. Located on the High Street, this eco boutique/general store claims to offer healthy and environmentally friendly alternatives for every room of your home. Their eclectic array of products range from organic mattresses, non-toxic personal and cleaning products to recycled artwork and jewellery that would make great gifts for your special ones. 

black and red cherries on white bowl

Earth’s General Store

Earth’s General Store was sustainable before it was cool. Opening in the pre-Internet year of 1991, they offered bulk cleaning products, bulk personal care products, cloth diapers, recycled paper, composters and composting worms until they expanded their inventory to include local, certified organic and Fair Trade Certified products at the ripe age of 28. Earth’s offers fresh, chilled and frozen organic food products, as well as plastic-free living products, animal free personal care products, and reusable menstrual products. 

Blush Lane Organic Market

Winner of the Golden Fork Awards 2018 for Best Organic Grocery Store, Blush Lane specializes in locally grown and made organic products. Other than natural foods and groceries—including organic produce, yogurt, cheeses, meats and eggs—Blush Lane also carries natural and clean health and body care products.


SPUD is an online store that delivers organic and locally grown groceries to your door. SPUD started in 1997 and partners with local farmers, ranchers, fishermen/women, bakers, and artisans who value sustainable farming practices and believe in ethical treatment of animals. They are transparent about their products and producers, and ensure their safe and fair working conditions for their workers. 

Raisa Salmin Purba
17 Dec, 2019

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