See Green & Be Green

Baby, it’s cold outside.
And do I have to mention how gray, gloomy and drab most days can be during the winter??
At a young age, I had a passion and fascination for all types of plants that vary from ferns, flowers, and succulents. I loved studying their properties and learning about their unique characteristics.
Side note: To give you some sort of scale on how much I love plants, I did my 6th-grade literary project/essay on how to propagate African Violets. Let’s just say, at that age, many students did not know what propagation meant and how violets look like. Got an A tho so…
During my time in Chicago, I planted and took care of Kale, Broccoli, a variety of succulents, and had several air-purifying plants.
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acrylic painting of a Haworthia I did earlier this year
After moving to South Korea, I focused on taking care of more air purifying plants due to the high rate of air pollution.
During my first winter here in Alberta, the depressing shades of color inspired me to go out to my local plant shop!
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So, I am here to share my accumulated knowledge over the years about plants that are easy to take care of and hard to kill!
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the 2 plants I have in my room: Aloe and a Peperomia stem that I propagated a month ago

2 things to keep in mind:

Atmosphere: consider the humidity levels of your room
Sunlight: Is it direct, indirect, or rarely any sunlight?


Don’t expect your moss to ThRiVe in a dry dorm room, I can say that from experience…
my babies šŸ˜Œ also, peep the moss at the bottom that reallyyy did not like the humidity levels of my dorm room


Here are my Top 7 Houseplants that are Hard to Kill and Easy to Maintain

(all of which I have taken care of before!)
1. Snake Plant
2. Spider Plant
3. Aloe Plants
Screen Shot 2019-11-24 at 12.41.52 AM
4. Peperomia Plants
5. Vicks Plant
6. Crassula Plants
Hanging Air Plants 1
7. Air Plants
“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”
– Audrey Hepburn

See Green

Be Green

Julie Bang




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