I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Photo from https://www.walmart.com/ip/Christmas-Tree-and-Presents-Cardboard-Stand-Up/30823526

I am sure this photo looks quite familiar. How many times have you scene this screenshot, in your own home, your friends and grandparents homes, in ads on TV? Probably thousands of times, and I have to admit I feel it too. There is no better feeling than coming home on the holidays and seeing a decorated Christmas tree in the living room surrounded by wrapped gifts. Unfortunately the holidays are also a time of extreme waste, and I am here to offer you some tips in order to reduce these numbers!

Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 1.47.08 PM
Chart from https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2017/12/28/canadians-will-throw-out-540000-tonnes-of-wrapping-paper-and-gift-bags-this-christmas-season.html

Swap #1:  Try and use what you have, for example save newspapers and paper shopping bags for the next month and use those. If you still want holiday themed wraps, reusable gift bags are a great swap for wrapping paper. If you need to buy wrapping paper, opt for something like brown paper that can be reused and recycled.

Photo from https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/427630927091181764/


Swap #2: If you are like me, you love to add a little zest to your gifts with some accessories. Well are you in luck, because I also have a green swap for these! Always remember that bows and ribbons can easily be reused, so if you already bought some no fear just make sure you save them. If you have yet to buy some, may I offer you some easy swaps? If you have some pine trees nearby, snip off a couple of small branches and adorn your gift with these. So cute and they smell great too!

Photo from https://www.pinterest.ca/kathysue/christmas-gift-wrapping/

For ribbon try and buy some more neutral colours so you can use them for any holidays or celebrations, or try using string. Remember, try and utilize what you already have! I know my family has craft boxes left from my childhood with loads of pieces that could be used.

Swap #3: To really reduce waste, try and give your family or friends experiential gifts instead of material gifts. There is a lot less pressure to find the perfect gift in such a short period of time, and instead why don’t you try and plan a nice outing or getaway that they will surely remember. If you need a gift for a secret Santa or someone you do not know very well, try and opt for a green gift such as a reusable coffee mug and a straw.


It is hard not to slip up during the holidays and that’s fine! A lot of things will be out of your control, such as a friend giving you their gift in wrapping paper or receiving another material gift that you do not need in your secret Santa game. Just try and do your best, encourage your friends and family to try it out as well! Its early enough in the month to encourage these easy swaps to be taken. Merry (green) Christmas!

Dante Lusson


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