Coffee you can feel good about drinking

Coffee. We love to consume it, many of us on a daily basis. But have we ever stopped to think about where our coffee is coming from? I would like to challenge you to go home and grab the last bag of coffee that you bought and examine it. Why did you choose this particular bag of beans? Maybe it was on sale, or maybe you thought it sounded tasty. Most of the time, these factors are all that consumers are considering. This is where the issue lies, because like many of our products we forget to think about the story behind it. 

Now I would like to introduce a roaster and a cafe, that focuses on transparency and building relationships with the farmers that they work with. And the best part is that they’re actually our neighbours!

Image result for transcend coffee"
Transcend Coffee Garneau location.

I have been an employee for Transcend coffee for just about three years now, and I am constantly amazed on the approach that they take when it comes to coffee. Before I started working there, I did not know much about the coffee industry and how it works. 

Unlike many corporate coffee companies, Transcend has decided to be transparent about their prices and if you take a look at their website, they offer a breakdown of why one 12oz cup of coffee will cost a customer $3.50. Before the unroasted, green coffee beans even make it to Edmonton, there is a whole process that they have to go through. The coffee needs to grown, harvested, picked, processed, dried, milled and sorted. 

Image result for coffee process"
The life of a coffee bean.

The reality is that most coffee producers do not make enough to even cover those costs, but Transcend wants to change that. “Because we believe that sourcing coffee should be a meaningful, reciprocal​ relationship, we prioritize paying the farmers we work with the amount they deserve, which is always more than existing fair trade standards”. The goal is to build strong relationships with the farmers and producers to ensure that in return they are given quality coffee that they can eventually sell to you, their valued customers. 

Image result for transcend coffee"
Transcend baristas at our Ritchie location!

As a fellow student, I understand the struggle of not wanting to break the bank over a cup of coffee. The convenience of a chain such as Tim Horton’s that sells a large 20oz coffee for only 2 dollars (same size but half of the price of Transcend) is quite appealing. But I would like to remind you that convenience kills. I highly encourage you to think about the complexity of the coffee industry and supporting a business that can make you feel good about buying from them.

If you ask your barista nicely you might get a smiley face in your coffee!

The closest Transcend location to campus is on 109th Street and 87th Avenue, and it will take you about ten minutes to walk to from SUB. If you decide to make the trek out, and I really hope that you do, here are some tips! Ask your barista questions, we all know a lot about coffee and will be happy to answer anything coffee related. We would love if you have your coffee to stay, but if you have to run then we do have to go cups, or we offer a 0.25 cent discount if you bring your own mug! If you decided to buy a bag of beans, we can grind them for you at the perfect setting for whatever type of setup you have at home. Hope to see you soon!

Dante Lusson




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