The Mason Jar Trap

How many of you were inspired to go zero-water after watching videos where people keep their year-round landfill waste in a mason jar? I know I did.

Waste Jar
Even major news sources are bringing this movement to a large audience.

On the bright side, I was inspired to reduce waste and live a plastic-free life. But, on the dark side, I ended up making more waste than I intended to. You must be wondering how I managed to perform such a catastrophe. Well, firstly I got rid of all my plastic boxes and plastic bags and replaced them with mason jars and reusable bags. My enthusiasm to start a zero- waste lifestyle never helped me realise that I had just dumped a whole lot of plastic into the landfill. Soon I realised that mason jars were not as versatile, and I had to go back to using reusable plastic boxes (new ones!!). What did I learn from this experience? Well, it was more like a review than learning of the 3Rs- Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle. None of the 3Rs stand for ‘Replace’ which I had done. I think we all go through that phase of over-enthusiasm, but I can say from first-hand experience that going zero- waste is very difficult. We need to start with the small things like getting food in bulk, carrying our own grocery bags, and reuse the plastics at our home as long as they are healthy to use. If you are planning to start a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, don’t jump into making your own shampoo the first day. Take it slow and I promise you will get there someday.

Rohini Roy Roshmi
RDP Volunteer

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