Sustainable Self-Love


Sometimes sustainability can be scary…like when you’re looking at an overflowing garbage can in HUB building, or watching the temperature jump from -30 to +10. It’s easy to get overwhelmed 🤯🤯 But we want you to know: it’s okay to take a step back and give yourself some love.

Each of us at the SustainSU Blog Team share our fave self-love practice that is sustainable for you and the environment!

Freya: 30 Things Challenge

30 Things.jpg

The challenge is to write down 30 things you love every day, for thirty days, without repeats! It can be anything from your favourite tea, to the people who inspire you, to things you love planning in your future. Initially, I found it hard to think of things, but it really pays off when you get to flip through pages of the things you care about 😊

Kate: Take a Walk

walkin ii

It seems pretty simple, but I find that often, the simple things can add the most to our happiness and well-being. This activity is available year-round (yes, even in the dead of winter!) wherever you are, and inspires health, mindfulness, and connectivity with your community and the land that it sits upon. Whether it be by yourself, with a loved one or friend, or with the accompaniment of a favourite album/podcast/audiobook, I encourage you to take some time for your mind and body and explore a new path.

Colm: Mindfulness Meditation


I kind of hate to take it to a new age-y level, but meditation, and more specifically mindfulness meditation, has certainly become my favourite self-love practice over the past couple years. Life can be overwhelming at times, and mindfulness helps remind me that I’m in control (mostly). I think the thing I love most about meditation is how easy and readily available it is – whether it be at home or on campus, for one minute or ten – I always feel more refreshed afterwards.

Nikki: Make a cup of tea and grab a book
Tea and books
The cup of tea can be coffee, water, or any other beverage of your choice (with optional homemade goodies), and the activity can be reading, watching a movie, painting, or anything else that you love. The point is to give yourself permission to spend some time away from any obligations, to get cozy, and to do an activity that takes your mind off all the day-to-day stress. I enjoy re-reading favourite books when I am trying to relax because I know I will love them and it takes less brain-power to focus on the storyline. The characters are also like old friends, while I am still reminded of the insights I had when I first read the book.

Julia: Nap or Travel (That is the Question)

I’m usually a pretty low-energy person with a relatively high stress tolerance ;3 However, when I’m not feeling so great, I like taking LONG naps; catching some zzz’s gives me clarity when I’m stressed or indecisive. Plus, napping is FREE!

Greetings from Julia in Salem 20181113_LI

Once a year, I travel with my hubby to places by one of the oceans. Sometimes, we visit his grandma at her farm in Oregon. Taking these trips gives us a long-term perspective of our lives, and we always return home more happy than when we left ❤

Kevin: The Subtle Art of ShowerOrange

“Why would I ever want to eat an orange in the shower?” is a typical response when I tell people about this Reddit phenomenon in support of mental wellness.


There are real benefits to eating an orange in the shower:

  1. The smell. Orange peel aromatics in my steamy realm of solitude? Yas Queen.
  2. The mess. Oranges are sticky, they stain your cuticles, and they drip. You also probably look gross eating an orange (no offense, but can anyone seriously look good while eating one of these round citrus snacks?) These are non-issues when you apply the methodology of ShowerOrange to your fruit consumption.
  3. The freedom. You’ve only eaten an orange section by section or cut into eighths, that is until now. Peel that orange and eat it like the barbarian you are. We’re all just evolved animals, so go ahead and eat that orange like an apple, no one’s watching.
  4. The feels. We don’t get a lot of time to ourselves these days. The digital age has brought about constant communication, and it’s nice to disconnect and rabidly consume fruit in a hot, wet paradise. ShowerOrange is an opportunity to remind yourself of the simple pleasures: fruit, water, and privacy.

ShowerOrangers are encouraged to post about their experience on the Reddit forum:

The Rules (as per the Reddit forum):

  1. No Nudity. There is nothing sexy about eating an orange in the shower. This is a wellness exercise, not a popularity contest.
  2. No Grapefruits. Because you have to draw the line somewhere. Oranges, Clementines, Tangerines, Tangelos, Blood Oranges and Satsumas qualify for ShowerOrange.
  3. Kindness. ShowerOrange is for everyone, so be kind to each other on the internet, especially fellow ShowerOrangers.
  4. No Minors. For obvious safety reasons, please don’t post pictures of yourself in the shower if you’re underage, but PLEASE still eat oranges in the shower.

Freya, Kate, Colm, Nikki, Julia, Kevin
The Blog Team

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