Ecosia: The Search Engine That Plants Trees

Like Google, Ecosia is a free Internet search engine, but unlike Google, Ecosia uses the ad revenue from Internet searches to plant trees where they are needed the most. Ecosia is a certified B Corporation, meaning that it is certified by the B Lab, a global non-profit organization that requires companies to meet rigorous standards for social sustainability, environmental performance, accountability, and public transparency. You can download Ecosia as a simple browser extension and search as you normally would.
Ecosia 2
Now, just a note on why trees are important.


  • produce oxygen
  • remove carbon dioxide
  • help fight climate change
  • prevent soil erosion
  • clean and filter our air
  • regulate water cycles
  • contribute to ecosystem diversity.

To top it all off, Ecosia’s servers run on 100% renewable energy and each tree planted by Ecosia removes around 50 kg of CO2 from the air during its lifetime. So, by searching with Ecosia, you can actively contribute to mending our planet!

Ecosia 3.png
Finally, Ecosia publishes its financial reports and tree planting receipts so that you can see where all their money is going each month. Ecosia also values and protects your privacy by not permanently storing your searches, not selling your data to advertisers, not using external tracking tools, and encrypting all your searches.

By using Ecosia, you can help reforest the planet in a simple, yet empowering way. On average, about 45 searches will plant one tree! You can track the number of your searches by looking at the little tree icon in the right-hand corner of the homepage. Considering the number of searches that you usually make in a day, think of the number of trees that you can help plant in a year!

As of today, over 49 million trees have been planted. Give Ecosia a try for a simple and doable way to give back to our planet, a planet that has already given us so much. Visit their website (hyperlink to learn more about this conservation and reforestation initiative.

Cover photo:

Florence Liu
Advocacy Team Member

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