Meet the vendor: Miteras Malas

A regular at Sustain SU’s weekly Farmer’s Market is Sheila, the creator of Miteras Malas. Sheila sells all-natural stone jewelry that she has been hand-making for over 4 years.

Sheila has been making jewelry for as long as she can remember but has only recently turned to working with natural stone and malas. As she explained to us, malas are the original form of prayer beads used as Indian meditation aids. Many different religions have created their own forms of prayer beads, all with slight variations from the original Indian mala design.

Miteras Malas.jpg

Find Miteras Malas at the Farmer’s Market every Thursday in SUB from 10-2. Photo from their Facebook page.

4 years ago Sheila’s daughter, a U of A student,  was looking for a mala to use as a part of her training to become a yoga instructor. After looking all over Edmonton and being unable to find a local vendor she ended up ordering one online. Sheila saw the opportunity here and began to look more into natural stone and mala creation ad quickly fell in love. She then created her brand Miteras Malas in order to fill the need for a local vendor her daughter had been looking for. The name “Miteras Malas” is Greek for “mothers malas,” reflecting how this all began with her daughter and grew from there.

Lauren Holden
Farmer’s Market Volunteer

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