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You’ve got a week off school, the temperature rests just above zero, and the sun sets early…Now is the perfect time to grab a cuppa and cozy up with some sustainability-related books, documentaries and media ā˜•.

Here’s a sampler of recent sustainability material curated by your one-and-only SustainSU blog team. Happy reading/watching/browsing!



Related image
Check out this view! And this wonderful documentary.

Documentary: Mountain is possibly the most aesthetic documentary I’ve ever seen. Released in 2017, IMDb describes it as “an experience” of the highest peaks around the world. Sweeping panoramas of peaks and valleys and simple truths about what it means to explore the outdoors. What more could inspire you to environmental stewardship?

Book: How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life by Russ Roberts is “an unexpected guide to human happiness.” After reading Smith in SOC 212, I never expected him to become my self-help guru. However, Russ Roberts breaks Smith’s theory of moral sentiments down into an accessible guide on how to improve yourself and your relationship in the modern day.


Website: Eugenics Archives is a multi-channel resource for learning about the gaps and silences of individuals affected by eugenics in Alberta. Super important topic for social sustainability efforts especially here at home.

Image result for grizzly man movie
Timothy Treadwell, with a grizzly bear in the background.

Documentary: Grizzly Man is an award-winning documentary which follows environmentalist and filmmaker Timothy Treadwell. It’s all about Alaska and a man who lived and died with the bears.


Influencer: Madeleine Olivia is an influencer who talks about minimalism in a very opproachable way. She encourages buying and wasting less, but in a way that suits you and your lifestyle. Find someone that inspires you to create better habits!!

Image result for madeleine olivia
Sometimes it’s great to see how other people have made steps to change their lives to be more sustainable! Check out this blog post on 15 Hacks to Declutter Your Life!

Documentary: A Plastic Ocean is a documentary which helps underline the need to rethink our plastic consumption. It includes many impactful images of current plastic pollution and ongoing scientific research in the oceans.

Image result for a plastic ocean
Plastic waste, including many small particles, floating near the ocean surface. From A Plastic Ocean.

Documentary: Before the Flood is a documentary hosted by Leonardo DiCaprio about climate change and the possible effects. Shoutout to the internal engagement team, who showed this documentary at the Netflix n’ Chill event last week.

Image result for before the flood
Anthropogenic climate change is contributing to the rapid melting of the polar ice sheets. Watch the documentary Before the Flood to learn more and see some stunning images!

What’s your go-to sustainability book, documentary, or website? Let us know in the comments!

Freya, Kevin, Nikki
SustainSU Blog Team

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