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We’ve seen them in magazines and at airports – fashionable folks walking around with ONE BAG and not towing any oversized luggage. They have style. They look comfy. They’re not sweating. HOW DO THEY DO IT AND WHERE ARE THE REST OF THEIR BAGS??

Seriously, though.

It turns out that savvy travellers only bring carry-on luggage. I know – monsters. Most airlines allow one carry-on bag and one personal item, which can be whatever as long as it meets the dimensional restrictions. My favorite combo is backpack + purse. I’ve also used the classic pushing-the-limit combo of carry-on + backpack, but that’s not as comfortable if you plan on walking a lot.

I have to confess that I used to be a…packrat. Yes, I was one of those people who over-packed just in case then ended up using only half of the stuff. Yes, I felt silly trying to move around with my GIANT bags. I remember once whenever I had a 3-day trip, I took a check-in luggage with a duffle bag inside it just in case, AND a carry-on luggage. For a week-long visit to my parents’ place, I definitely needed TWO large check-in luggage, each with expandable sides, one large carry-on luggage, AND a large purse. Why did I pack so much stuff?? Being a hoarder (at the time) certainly did not help.

Thanks, mom.

Once I started travelling with my better half, it became apparent that I needed to NOT look like a pack mule. So I started experimenting with packing less and less for each trip.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. Not sure if you’ll need a lint roller? If you really need it, you can buy it at your destination.
  2. Unless you’re camping out in the wilderness, you don’t need to pack most toiletries. Save that precious room in the infamously tiny liquid allowance pouch.
  3. Don’t even try to pack full-sized toiletries/skincare/makeup. Remember – reusable travel bottles are your friends!
  4. Check the weather ahead of time and pack accordingly.
  5. Bring clothes that are light and comfortable, match with each other for multiple outfit combinations, and don’t need to be ironed.
  7. Don’t forget earbuds, hand sanitizer, lip balm, eye drops, and a battery bank if you don’t want to suffer on the airplane.
  8. Use your water bottle to fill up, so you don’t have to keep BUYING bottled water.
  9. Try to wear your bulkiest clothes (so you don’t have to pack them), but make sure they’re comfy!
  10. A large scarf can double as a blanket during your travels. You can also bunch it up and use it as a pillow.

Next week is FINALLY reading week, so I’m going down to Oregon to see my grandma 🙂 I’ll be bringing my backpack as a carry-on luggage and my purse as a personal item. On my way down, I’ll be wearing a hoodie with stretchy skinny jeans, a raincoat with comfortable rainboots, and a large wool scarf. This combo will make sure that I’m warm and dry, while also lightening the weight of my backpack. As a bonus, the rainboots will be easy to take off if necessary.

I’ll be packing about 5 tops and 3 bottoms, with a button-up flannel shirt, a grey hoodie, and a yellow raincoat for layering. Aside from the rainboots already on my feet, I’ll be packing a pair of runners because I intend to walk. A LOT.

Travel capsule wardrobe from Yours Truly 😀

In case you’re wondering, these will be my liquids that barely fit into the flimsy plastic crap pouch for TSA:

  • eye drops
  • daily contacts (more packaging waste but…so much more HYGIENIC)
  • mini hand cream
  • mini mascara
  • mini lipstick
  • mini shaving cream
  • mini toothpaste (hotels have this, by the way – I’m just picky about my brand)
  • SPF lotion for face and body
  • facial cleanser in a travel bottle (pro-tip: cleansing wipes don’t count as liquids)
  • moisturizer in a travel bottle
  • hair detangler/UV/heat protectant in a travel spray bottle

Packing is always a challenge, but travelling light allows me to be flexible with my schedule and helps me to blend in with the locals. Heading to a great restaurant as soon as I get off an airplane, or having enough energy to walk down a scenic route would not be possible if I were carrying any cumbersome luggage. Don’t let your things weigh you down!

A wise person once said…!

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Julia Lee
The Blog Team Noob

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