It’s (almost) Spring!

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In two weeks, it will officially be Spring! And that means replacing my winter wardrobe with all my spring clothes (maybe I’ll keep a few in – who knows what Edmonton has planned?). Of course, some shopping is necessary. But how can I shop and stay sustainable?

While the fast-fashion trend is a huge problem in today’s society, there are many local brands that stand by the slow-fashion movement, or even take action by reusing and recycling textile waste into fresh fashion statements.

In Edmonton, there aren’t many options for sustainability-minded individuals to shop, but that shouldn’t stop us from trying!

Here are a few shops I’ll be visiting this Spring…

Higher-end, local/ethical fashion

These shops believe in investing in sustainability, which is why they only use the best material available. Although their prices are a bit higher than mass-produced products, you can be sure that these clothes and accessories will last a lifetime.

Berg + Betts

ethical watch face being assembled
Specialty: Quality accessories made from “waste” designer leather. (source)


  • 17034 90 Avenue NW  Edmonton, AB
  • 10914-105 Ave NW Edmonton, AB
  • RAAS Local Market YEG in West Edmonton Mal


Salgado Fenwick

Seals, Pigs, Magpies and Polar Bears OH MY!
Specialty: Limited-edition handcrafted collections! (source)


  • 10842 124 Street, Edmonton, AB


New Classic

Specialty: Dedicated to providing the highest quality clothing, and leaders of the Slow-Fashion movement. #WearTheChange  (source)


As a guide, their About page features their powerful mission and facts behind the sustainability of clothing.


Pillar Heights

Specialty: Canada handcrafted fashion and cycling garments using chemical and pesticide-free fabrics (source)



Mid-range prices, second-hand fashion

These shops are all consignment stores. These second-hand shops operate differently from donation second-hand shops since the profits go straight to the previous owner of the garments. As well, quality is also guaranteed. Although determining the history behind the clothing is much harder, buying second-hand keeps your shopping sustainable!

Nu2You Fashion Boutique

Image result for nu2you


  • 7510 Gateway Boulevard, Edmonton, AB


Plato’s Closet

Image result for plato's closet


  • 10339 80th Avenue Edmonton, AB


Swish Vintage

Image result for swish vintage


  • 10180 101 Street NW, Suite 122, Edmonton, AB


Lower-range prices, second-hand fashion

These shops are second-hand shops that get their collections by donation. Many donate a portion of revenues to charities, so come out and shop! Quality is not guaranteed, but you are always bound to find some treasures.


Goodwill Thrift Store

Image result for goodwill


  • Unit 205, 10110 82 Avenue Northwest Unit 205, Edmonton, AB
  • 3803 Calgary Trail NW #180, Edmonton, AB


Value Village

Image result for value village


  • 8930 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB
  • 10127 34 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB


MCC Thrift Shop

Image result for mcc thrift shop


  • 9251 34 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB


While shopping is fun, there’s a lot more criteria to shopping sustainably. But that’s a blog post for another time. In the meantime, check these stores out with me and let us know about your favourite finds! Happy shopping~



Daphny Budaz
Blog Team Leader, Bcom Operations Management

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