Confessions of a Coffeeholic: Chapter 1

It’s Tuesday morning. I actually slept last night. The Weather Network claims that today I won’t die on my way to class this morning. I’m having a wonderful day already.

I eat my usual breakfast of rice and tofu while I watch Bob’s Burgers on Netflix. I like that Bob tries to use fresh, healthy ingredients for his burgers, even if they’re beef burgers. I walk to school because I live nearby. I live nearby because I don’t drive. I don’t drive because, well, to be honest, I suck at driving and cars are expensive. Oh, and this happens to reduce my carbon footprint too.

In my morning class, I sip on the ice-cold water in my refillable water bottle. My notes are printed on Earth Choice 30 papers that contain 30% post-consumer recycled fiber. The papers are like a buck more expensive per pack, but I feel that they’re worth it, especially since their company donates to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) every year. After class, I head to my research lab.

Starbucks in on the way. Obvs, I line up to get my caffeine fix. As I eagerly hold my cup of grande blonde espresso vanilla latte, I realize that I F***ED UP. You see, I can recycle the lid, but not the cup itself (at least not on campus). My day turns slightly dark. I should have brought my coffee thermos.

Don’t be a Julia

Someone set up a recycling bin in the lab. Good. The zero-waste station is close by, too. Time to run around, shuffle papers, and generally look confused.

It’s lunch time! I went down to Filistix but they’re closed ☹ At this point, I’m feeling lazy, so I resort to Panda Express. The food is meh, but at least their packaging is compostable. After the much-needed chow-down, I scurry to the BioSci building to view my terrible psych midterm results. Look at all those papers in the room! I hope the TA is going to recycle those afterwards.

IT’S SO SLIPPERY ON MY WAY HOME TODAY. I basically feel like I’m ice-skating the whole time. At home, I separate my drink containers from other recyclables. Unfortunately, like most other apartments, zero-waste is not enforced or even encouraged in my building. Nevertheless, I try to reduce my landfill garbage as much as possible.

Currently, my goal is to have my own compost set up on the balcony, and to reduce buying overly-packaged products. I’m also trying to figure out the best way to maintain my (totally healthy) relationship with take-out places that still use styrofoam containers, which are definitely not recyclable.

I should remember to bring a thermos to school tomorrow.

Julia Lee
The Blog Team Noob

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