5 Uplifting Topics in Sustainability News!

by Julia Lee


Do you have the post-break, pre-final blues? Fear not, comrade, because you and I are going on a beautiful journey today to explore the world’s 5 sustainable things to feel good about! In an (obviously) unbiased order:

  1. Never-Ending Renewable Bio-Fuel
    Scientist have discovered a new material made from agricultural waste that can substitute for coal (you know, without the pollution). The “instant coal” can store energy equivalent to 70% in coal, and is made by a process similar to roasting coffee beans. I like that. I also like coffee.
  2. Growth of Solar Energy

    International Energy Agency’s annual predictions on linear growth of solar energy have been CRUSHED since 2002. China and U.S. were big contributors in 2015 when they doubled their solar panel installations. Earth now boasts 305 gigawatts of solar power capacity, which is equivalent to approximately 557 coal power plants (I hope you like math). I hope to armor my home with solar panels one day.

    Okay, peeps. Allow me to enlighten you. Back in 2015, Oregon State University (Boo Beavers!) came across an unique strain of dulse, a type of seaweed, that tastes like BACON when fried. Are you screaming?? I’m screaming. Technically, you can already find dried dulse in health stores, but NOT the OSU version. Since the discovery, OSU scientists have been growing and experimenting on their dulse with different recipes. Cross everyone’s fingers that we get this soon. Actually, let’s go on a road trip. I vote Oregon.
  4. Reduction of Gassy Cows

    Researchers found Asparagopsis, a type of Australian seaweed, that can be added to cows’ diet to reduce at least 70% of the methane emissions. Methane is a larger contributor than carbon dioxide to the greenhouse gases when comparing gram to gram. Currently, the biggest challenge is growing enough seaweed to feed millions of cows in the world, but they’re soo close!

  5. Biodegradable Phone Cases
    Pela makes iPhone (and soon Android) cases that are 100% compostable once they have outlived their cuteness. Not only is this a simple solution to being more eco-friendly, Pela is also Canadian and will ship your case for free. It’s a win-win-win!
    Well, that’s all for now! I enjoyed our time together. I hope you did, too. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go turn off all the lights and chew on some spinach leaves 🙂


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